Your estate agency for the Greater Amsterdam area

Many of those who have recently been house hunting in the Greater Amsterdam area have found that Amsterdam rent prices in particular tend to be so high as to make home ownership the more sensible option. If this scenario sounds familiar to you and you don’t know where to go from here, all you need to do is contact P&P Vastgoed Makelaars. Our estate agency has been in business for over two decades years, during which time it has successfully helped large numbers of house hunters relocate. The large proportion of expats we have been of assistance to over the years has prompted us to designate this segment as our target audience. We make it a point to handle every aspect, from exploratory meeting to viewing to notarial completion, and will be happy to provide you with in-house mortgage (and/or insurance) advice as well.

P&P Vastgoed Makelaars is as successful a selling agent as it is a buying agent. We owe this to our extensive network, sophisticated sales tools and first-class Funda ratings, all of which we put to the best possible use with the aim of drawing optimum attention to the home you are selling. Paul and Patricia (Walker), as the two Ps in P&P, are the proverbial “safe pair of hands” when it comes to buying, selling and/or advising on property. You could do a lot worse than schedule an exploratory meeting with us, including outside office hours or at the weekend if you prefer (the dreaded “nine-to-five mentality” not being something our agency subscribes to).