A validated (NWWI) valuation report is often required to finance your dream home. This report determines the amount of the mortgage and any renovation and also contains additional information about the home. P&P ensures that you receive your report within four working days. Not unimportant in this fast-paced market where bids are often made without reservation of financing.

A validated valuation meets certain guidelines and has been tested by the Dutch Housing Value Institute. To guarantee our quality and expertise, P&P Vastgoed Makelaars en Taxateurs is affiliated with the NWWI, the NRVT (Dutch Register of Real Estate Valuers) and the Vastgoedcert Foundation.

You can contact us for valuations for:

  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • Inheritance and gift tax
  • When selling from or to your own BV
  • Amicable Appreciation