What does P&P stand for?

Combining easy access with complimentary on-street parking, P&P Vastgoed Makelaars has its offices in 175 Amsterdamseweg in Amstelveen. The organisation was established in 1993 and owes its name to its founders, Patricia and Paul (Walker), although their initials might just as well stand for Personal & Professional (or vice versa). Ask anyone who has engaged P&P Vastgoed Makelaars in the past and they will confirm that a choice in favour of us is a choice for one of the most dynamic estate agencies in all of Greater Amsterdam.

In addition to letting our clients in on our specific know-how and expertise, we also try to help them in other ways. As life in the Netherlands can be quite confusing especially for newly arrived foreign workers and expats, in addition to helping our clients find suitable accommodation we also assist and advise them where we can in other areas. It is important for us that you should not be overcharged and, more importantly still, that you should be able to get the most – including enjoyment – out of your “Dutch sojourn”. Why not find out for yourself?